Monday, February 13, 2012

A Few Smiles

I used to wonder why people did serial blogging.  However, I now understand that when you get a block of time that you can dedicate to updating your family blog, you just take it.  No matter the consequences.  And I'd rather do a bunch of little small posts each focusing on one main idea rather than one ginormous post, because I know those smaller ones are easier for ME to read on other people's blogs.

So if you are seeing these posts over and over on Facebook or your Google Reader "to read" list just jumped up to alarming proportions, I'm not going to apologize :-)  But know that I am sensitive to your plight.

I was looking over some pictures I took that I wanted to post about, and I have a few random ones that made me smile.

We caught Maddox riding "horsey" before church a few weeks ago.  He's adorable running through the house like this.

Our dog likes to run and jump into the recliner sometimes after she's been outside and is really riled up.  She hit it a little high this time, and it took a dive.

  Best. Expression. Ever.
This is usually the look he's giving me while he's waiting me to notice him about to do something naughty - like go into my bathroom to play in the trash and pull off the toilet paper.  As soon as I make eye contact he's off like a shot.  And trust me - he's fast.

After I took the last picture, this is what I got when I told Connor I wanted to take his picture, too.

Kelsey wasn't much happier about it, but at least she didn't hide her face in the couch.

And another one just because he's so stinking adorable.

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