Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Fine Day

A day or two after our last (and this winter's only) snowfall, it was so nice and sunny outside we just couldn't resist getting out there to soak it in.

Kelsey spent the time performing "surgery" on her giant snow/dirt ball.

She used a stick for the operation.

Her friend Eva was riding her scooter.

Connor hung around messing with sticks, mostly.

And Maddox?

He climbed into the stroller.

He loves playing with the handle.

It's so amazing to me how focused he gets on things - very intense.

I went to snap some pictures of Kelsey, and realized Connor had disappeared.  It didn't take long to find his hiding place.

Though he really wasn't too keen on having his picture taken.

And that's when Maddox discovered that getting in the stroller is a whole lot easier than getting out.

Since Maddox was getting restless, I took him back inside to find our missing family member.  She was huddled inside with her new addiction: the Eragon series.  And she was NOT happy that I insisted on taking her picture.

You see, I had taken her picture as soon as she walked in the door after school.  I realized I haven't gotten a lot of pictures of her lately because she's in school, and I wanted to include her.  She didn't want to be included.

Even so, it was a lovely afternoon.

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