Sunday, October 27, 2013

Railway Museum...Revisited

For those of you who don't know, I've started watching a friend's kids during the day.
It has been so much fun for us.
Their dad said I could put their pics on our blog, as long as I don't plan on trying to be the Pioneer Woman.
Umm... no.
But, just to be on the safe side, I'll just refer to them by their first initials.
Just in case I go viral.
Since I am kind of awesome that way.

Although most of our pictures are going to be from a field trip to the Oklahoma Railway Museum that we took with friends, this picture is not.
Once I saw the picture on Maddox's face, I had to include it. 
He thinks he is smarter than me.
You can see it in his face.

And now for the trains! Kelsey, her friend Madyson, and baby H.
Kelsey and her new friend were born on the exact same day.
Cool, innit?

The boys on the train. I couldn't get them to cooperate, but they were having fun!

This is O; I love this handsome guy!

I love how excited Maddox looks in this one. He cracks me up!

Another little man that I just adore...

 The 4 youngers on the bench. Since O's legs were blurred, I asked him to stop kicking.

He managed, but it was apparently really, really hard!! Look at that face...

Baby H is pretty cute, too.

 And this handsome fella? Yeah, he gives me that look a lot these days.

But this one I caught on O's face was unexpected and made me laugh.

Kids can never have too much fun...

...climbing on trains.

Don't they look happy?

After we had made our circuit around the train yard, the kids found the spot for the poser pictures. They had to take turns getting on it for a picture.

"Maddox, look up for the picture!"




Connor's turn, and he did it right the first time. Great job!

"O, it's your turn. Look at me for a picture!"




And look at Baby H, just cruising along like a big girl...

It was a lot of fun, but my friend and I had 9 kids between us.
Maybe it's time for a sanity check?

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Ms. Ivie said...

How fun! It looks like they had a blast. Thanks for sharing!