Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Birthday Drama

Thanks for hanging on through all these posts.
This is the last one tonight.
And it's really short.
I promise.

Maddox recently turned 3.
I had ordered one of his presents through Amazon at the last minute, but forgot to change the shipping address to our new house. I asked Terri (my old neighbor) to snag the package and I picked it up the next morning. Since it actually got delivered ON his birthday, I let him open it the next morning after we picked it up. Unfortunately, I didn't count on the effect that it would have on the two other little guys in this house. Apparently, having a birthday boy open presents at a party is one thing. But if he gets a present and there isn't a party and the other kids don't get one, too? Watch out. It's going to be a pout-fest.

Here is Maddox playing with his cool new Rescue Bot, Heat Wave.

And here is Connor, mad that he didn't get one, too.

It wasn't until I uploaded these pictures tonight that I noticed I caught O's lip in this picture. He was really sad, too. Poor little fella.

Fortunately, Maddox still takes naps, and the newness has worn off a little. He is willing to share from time to time and the drama has subsided.

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