Sunday, October 27, 2013

The House Saga

I just uploaded the pictures from my camera. 
I had some fun stuff on there!
Some really cute pictures.
Some of the house, some of the kids.
I'll just post them here with some captions.
Sorted by category, of course.
For those that care to follow along.
Yes, I know I just wrote a bunch of incomplete sentences.
I'm just trying to annoy the writers among us.
You no who ewe are.

 First up are some pictures of the house.

The "aqua" formal dining before...

...and after the paint job.
(But before we cleaned and rehung baseboards.)

Living room before...

...after the texturing...

...and after the paint job.
It was so nice to have that Clemson orange out of my house!!

And here we are with the new carpet down in the living room, too.

Master bedroom before...

...while texturing...

...and texturing. (it was a big job!!)

It was finally painted the morning before the carpet went in. If you look really closely, you can see I haven't trimmed out along the ceiling or above the doors yet. I'll get it done sooner or later. But I need to finish unpacking, first!

Oh, and here is the new carpet in the master bedroom. 
Ben described it as "a thousand kisses on his feet" when he walks on it barefoot.

Boys room before...

 ...and after paint and carpet.
(Connor wouldn't stop spinning with excitement!)
The girls room got the same paint and carpet, so I'm not going to put up pics of that room, too. Just use your imagination.

The kitchen with the tile going in...

...and the grout...

...and all done!

And now for the appliances.

Hall bath before...

...and after?
Wait! I thought I did something in there...

Oh, here it is! The shower area got textured. And then I ran out of joint compound. 
So... it's a project that is going on my list.

And you know I'm not happy without a list to work on.

At least I re-hung the outlet covers so the kids would stop getting shocked when the turned the light on.
True story.

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Olive said...

Oooh, that was a lot of work. Great job!