Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Olivia's "I Love You" Present

As some of you know, Olivia was really sad last week when it snowed in South Carolina the winter we finally moved. She has desperately wanted a good snowfall to play in. Well, Heavenly Father decided to give her an "I Love You" present this week in the form of a winter storm. It was freezing rain on Monday (and no, Edmond schools do NOT let out early under ANY conditions) and sleet Monday night and snow on Tuesday. As a result, we have some great whiteness outside, and although it's not deep, it's not melting. We woke up to our 2nd snow day with temperatures in the single-digits. In fact, I was rudely awakened this morning by Olivia who was complaining to me that daddy wouldn't let her play outside in the snow because it was too cold. (It was 8 degrees.) Here's some pictures of the festivities when the sun finally came out.
The girls having a snowball fight
(note: Olivia insisted on "staging" this picture - there really was no fight)

Olivia making a snow angel

It actually turned out really nice! Can you see the wings?

Kelsey making HER snow angel

Connor enjoying the weather inside in his jammies

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Connie said...

Can't decide who Connor looks like :)