Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day #3

Apparently, the difference between Oklahoma and South Carolina is that in Oklahoma the snow or ice doesn't melt as quickly! This is now the THIRD day that they have cancelled school. It only got up to the high 30's yesterday afternoon for a while, which was apparently not warm enough to clear the secondary roads. So I decided this morning that I wanted to take my girls sledding. It was in the mid-20's, so we all ate a quick cereal breakfast and headed outside with our old cookie sheet (aka the southern sled)!

As you can see, we got off to a rough start.


Our second attempt went a little smoother...


And in the end we got it down:



Even Connor got a piece of the action:


We didn't want his butt to get cold...


Stephanie said...

You crack me up!

Gwen Weiler said...

That first video was so funny! It wasn't until the second time watching it that I noticed Kelsey trying to kick her sister. You should send this to AFV--I'm serious.

Connie said...

How cute!!! Snow is great when you are a child!

Amberdawn said...

Oh that is so fun! Love it!