Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well, he finally did it...

Connor has discovered his voice! And to Ben's delight, he now jabbers "dada" all day long. I was trying to capture it yesterday on the video camera for Ben, and I got it. So of course, he has instructed me to update the blog this morning. Here's for you, honey!

But of course, this is not all I am going to post. A month ago when I was pulling out Connor's 6-9 month clothes, I was missing several of his new outfits, including my favorite that I was dying to put him in for church. Last Thursday I was clearing out the garage, and lo and behold I found a box with baby clothes! I had forgotten I put them there, and sure enough - the outfit I wanted for my little man was right on top. Here he is in his Sunday duds!

Then Sunday night our neighbors came over to play some games with us. Connor was playing on the floor with their littlest one, and decided he wanted Kenneth's bottle. A battle ensued... kind of:
Here's another cute picture of Connor with the girls from last Saturday. Olivia's being goofy, and Kelsey is stylin' with her pink sunglasses.

Also, here's one other video that I just think is hilarious. Yesterday the kids were out of school for MLK They had been outside on their scooters, and I was trying to get some ironing done, so I had put in a Baby Mozart video for Connor. It's the first time I'd ever tried putting in a video for him so I could get stuff done. So after a few minutes the girls came in from outside, and became so absorbed in the video they didn't want to go back outside! I guess these things are just kind of hypnotic... works on babies and kids of all ages!


Olive said...

I looks like Connor is sitting up by himself, and doing it very well! Congratulations to him!


Joe said...

so...he says mama one time and says dada constantly...Hummmmmm

Love the pictures...


Amberdawn said...

Cute, cute, cute, all of it! Well. especially that little neighbor boy! Connor looks really cute in his little vest and that video is great. I can't stand those baby movies myself, but do find myself watching them when they are on. Annoying!