Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chicken Pops?

This afternoon we were sitting in the chapel waiting for church to start, and I happened to look over at Kelsey who was scratching her neck. I looked closely, and found a bump with a blister on it. Actually, I found two. A quick trip to the bathroom with Sister Gier to look for more didn't turn anything up, but since they DO look like chicken pox and it HAS been going around (sounds like that vaccine really works, right?) I went ahead and brought her and Connor home so at least Ben and Olivia can enjoy church uninterrupted.
On the way home Kelsey was complaining about how much she hates "chicken pops". Poor thing. More might show up, but she has been vaccinated, so then again this may be all we see. We took pictures of her "chicken pops" for your viewing enjoyment. (And no, the red dot by her mouth is not chicken pox - I think it was a little jelly or something. It came off when I gave it a spit bath - gross, but momma's prerogative.)


Amberdawn said...

Oh poor Kelsey! I didn't know they were going around! At least she'll have an easy time of it since she's been vaccinated.

Yeah, Ben really enjoyed church, he was flirting with the ladies by the primary for two hours! :)

*Jess* said...

I hope its a mild case for those involved! (And yeah, the vaccine is unnecessary and has a low efficacy rate).