Wednesday, May 6, 2009

He's Mobile... Sort Of

The past few days, Connor has really started figuring out how to get around. For a while now he's been scooting around on his butt (not crawling in any way, shape or form) and getting where he wanted to go within a few feet. However, in the last couple of days he has realized that he can get onto his hands and knees and get further faster than he gets scooting around on his butt. He's even learning how to go forward a little instead of just pushing himself backwards.

This video was actually taken on Monday and he has improved since then. Tonight he actually crawled a little towards a very enticing item - me! (I had been gone a couple hours so it improved the attraction.) We were trying to get him to move onto his hands and knees by placing and item just out of his reach. You can also see in this video how much he loves being on camera - he gives the biggest grins!

Also, as a funny little sidenote... Today I was trying to wash some veggies in the kitchen, so I had put him on the kitchen floor while I was working. He had on long pants and socks. The floor is very slick tile. He had pushed himself onto his hands and knees, and then his knees slipped out from under him and all he could do was push himself backwards. He was so frustrated he started crying. Poor fella!


*Jess* said...

And now the fun begins!!

Hey, we don't live far from I-26 at all. We'd love to do lunch! I'll put those travel dates on my calendar!

SCNONI said...

Watch out for the cabinets now and move all your cleaning stuff out of the lower shelves. Or, you could just tie the doors shut like I did when Ben started crawling.

Amberdawn said...

Any day now!

Anonymous said...

It seems Noni forgot Connor is your third child! Just Kidding! Mom's can never ever stop giving advice! Thats why we are great!