Sunday, May 17, 2009


Every day this past week the kids (and sometimes Ben) and I have been making a daily trek up to Bronco Lake to see the baby geese that showed up on Monday. Since it seems I have been talking about it often, here's what it looks like:

It's an attractive water-thingie (pond or fountain?) on campus at the University of Central Oklahoma. There's ampitheater-type seating on both sides of it. Generally the girls vote to go to the blue-tented area you see in the picture because there's a stage there (remember Kelsey's Karate?) and they love to perform on it. However, because it was such a nice day, we opted for a picnic under the sun this past Saturday.

After we had our lunch, it was time to find the Nick & Norah and their goslings and feed them their lunch. We located them playing and bathing in the decorative waterfall that empties into Bronco Lake and proceeded to throw out our offerings (bread).

A few seconds into this video, the girls notice a little gosling that is stuck at the edge of a rock with the water rushing by. Kelsey is very concerned that it's going to fall. I, of course, tell her that it will be just fine. At about 30 seconds into the video the poor thing actually does go over the edge...

But it really was fine. Just a little put out.

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