Thursday, June 25, 2009

Connor is One!

Last Friday Connor turned one! I can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast. It's such a cliche, but it's true. I thought I would spend the day taking pictures of him to document his first birthday as I have seen other mom's do, but we only made it about an hour into the day with that idea. He never even got out of his PJ's. In my defense, however, I was trying to pull together a birthday party for Olivia that night. (In case you don't know, Connor's birthday is the 19th and Olivia's the 20th.) Since we are going to see our SC family next week, we decided to hold off on his actual birthday celebration till we get with our family. However, here's the pictures I got of him on his special day!

After getting up and having a breakfast snack (nursing) he participated in one of his favorite activities - dismantling the diaper bag.

Then while I was making breakfast, he started on his second-favorite activity - cruising around the kitchen and seeing which cabinets Mommy will let him open.

He also go a birthday card from his Auntie Janice that he loved reading!

It was really, really interesting!

This is Connor with his girlfriend, Debbie. They've been together since Halloween, but sadly now it must be a long-distance relationship. She's mom to one of Olivia's friends and a good friend of mine. They just moved to Broken Arrow (about 2 hours away) at the end of the school year, so Debbie brought her daughter down for Olivia's party on Friday, and I drove her home on Saturday. Debbie and her kids gave Connor his first birthday present! And like all girlfriends, she knew exactly what he wanted - something with batteries!

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Amberdawn said...

He looks so adoroable looking at his birthday card! what a cutie!