Friday, June 26, 2009

Ladies With Class

Olivia hosted her first (and quite possibly last) slumber party last Friday for her 9th birthday. Here's a few pics to commemorate the high-class occasion!
Since it was done first, let me show you a picture of her horse cake made by yours truly. The fence is made out of Kit Kats and the horses are walking through tall prairie grass because the icing was thick, but Olivia was happy with it and so was I!
For dinner we ordered pizza. And no, they are not wearing make up. They are wearing pizza sauce. On their faces.
They turned the livingroom into their sleeping chamber. Every time I pulled out the camera, there was some serious posing going on!
The whole crew! They look all sweet and innocent, but don't let them fool you.
More posing. Peace!
And more. What's with the dogs on the heads, anyway?
In the kitchen getting their drinks. I told Olivia she could have soda and chips for movies once they settled down for the night.
Once we survived the night, (and they only woke me up once, by the way!) I made them all pancakes for breakfast. One girl didn't get to spend the night, so she missed out.
And after breakfast, the concert! What talent...
After the other girls left, I got ready to take Tabby back home. However, they had to experiment with the make-up Olivia had gotten for her birthday first. Yes, it's blue eyeshadow. And yes, Olivia has a gem in the middle of her forehead. She wore it there all day, by the way. And yes, we did go out in public. It was her birthday, so I humored her.


Amberdawn said...

You are very brave. Looks like they had a ton of fun. You should have taken pictures of them out on the "lawn" throwing rocks and sticks at passing cars. That was my favorite!

Carrie Maseda said...

I bet they had a blast; it looks like it from the pictures! I'll bet Miss Armpit music will be so proud of her performance a few years from now. :) Great job on the party!

Alyssa said...

Looks like so much fun! Reminds me of the slumber parties I had as a kid. :)