Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This morning the kids and I went up to visit and feed our little geese friends on campus. I discovered that we have a little scaredy-cat in our family. Okay, so really this isn't new, but we actually have it on video and I thought you might like to see and hear it, too. (And no, this isn't just some lame attempt to divert attention from my recent faux pas.)

The funny part is, it's not just geese he's scared of. What you're seeing in this video is actually pretty mild. We have seen flat-out shrieks of terror from him for the following:
  • A fluffy kitty-cat (Aunt Dorothy's house)
  • A horse statue (remember this one, Noni?)
  • A pink feather from a boa that got stuck to his hand
  • A golden retriever (it IS a big dog)

I'm sure there are more, but this list gives you a good idea. What am I going to do when we finally do get a dog??


Amberdawn said...

He's growing up, those were very mild scared noises. Heck, when we had him over after Buddy's birthday and we had those black balloons, I thought that he thought that he was gonna die!

Anita said...

Yeah, black balloons should be on this list, too. That was so funny!

SCNONI said...

I think it's a texture thing with him. My mother has those kind of issues with stuff like rubber fishing worms and fuzzy toys. Of course, the ducks and geese were trying to attack his sisters. Maybe he was trying to warn them...

Connie said...

Geese can be very mean and I think in this case it is justified LOL
We got chased by a whole gaggle of them at Sis. Kirby's pond...Michelle is terrified of "birds"