Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Crazy Week

I can't remember that far back, but I'm sure it was nuts.  Oh wait.  I remember.  I had to do laundry.  And put together the co-op order (see Wednesday below).  And make a bazillion phone calls. 

Lately Connor has decided that he must eat everything except yogurt with a fork.  Real silverware, too - not the baby stuff.  (And let's be honest, can YOU actually spear anything on a baby fork?)  So when I made some vegetable beef soup and rolls for dinner on Tuesday, I dished him some veggies and noodles and gave him a roll.  He got a fork to eat the veggies with.  And what did he use that fork for??

You guessed it!  The roll.

I had the privilege of driving down to a local produce distributor in Oklahoma City, picking up about $400 worth of produce, bringing it home, and carrying it all inside my house.  Then, once it was actually IN my house and I made sure the dog wasn't going to try to eat the carrots, Olivia and I (mostly I) sorted said $400 worth of produce into 18 baskets in my living room and dining room.

It was actually a total of 6 whole shares...

... and 12 half-shares (not all baskets are pictured here.  We needed a walkway.)

Not quite a full co-op compared to what we normally have (8 full shares and 16 half-shares), but nothing to thumb your nose at, that's for sure.

Also on Wednesday, the girls decided to get busy building sort of tee pee/lean to doohickey thing in our backyard.  We bartered with a friend of ours to get our pecan tree trimmed, and he started working on it last weekend.  Therefore we had a bunch of branches scattered around the backyard.  The girls were working on earning Christmas money by collecting them into a pile for us.  They decided to take it a step further and turn it into a fort.  You can see from the picture they were having a blast with Connor and our neighbor's daughter.

Grocery shopping in the morning, naps and sewing for a little while. then it was checking Kelsey out of school and dropping her and Olivia off for a "secret project" with Melanie.  While backing out of my driveway to take the girls to aforementioned "secret project", I realized I had a significant amount of gas leaking into a puddle under my car.  So I drop the girls off, and check around with the local mechanics to find one that can see us right away, since this is kind of a big problem.  At the second mechanic who tells me he's swamped, I start crying and embarrass myself.  Sometimes I hate being an emotional woman.  So I go back to our previous mechanic and they worked us in.  I won't bore you with why we were trying to find a new one, but suffice it to say they have won back my loyalty.  Fortunately we just needed a new fuel pump.

Around 10:30 p.m. I was trying to quickly finish a post on my "other" blog and started a small load of towels to run overnight.  About 30 minutes later Ben was heading to bed and realized we had a huge puddle in the laundry area.  We also had about 8 inches of water backed up in our kitchen sink.  Nasty, gray water.  With food in it from the garbage disposal.  And in the process of cleaning it up we discovered the hot water tank had backed up in the pantry and had flooded that room as well.  So now Friday is finally over (it's after midnight) but we can't call a plumber till the morning and Ben has to work tomorrow.  Do they charge extra to come out on a Saturday???

But it was not all drama today.  We had a few laughs this morning with some holiday copycats.

Or should I say "copydogs"?

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SCNONI said...

My word...and I thought I was stressed. I see that it rained trouble and woes at your house but God always provides a way. Even if it's little boys and dogs that consent to provide a litte comic relief.