Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Meet You

Connor is really good at make believe, which amazes me since he's barely three years old.  I overheard this conversation this morning (and I'm writing it verbatim):

Connor: What your name?
Kelsey: My name is Kelsey.  What's your name?
Connor: I Boy.  Nice meet you.

Then he'd shake her hand and ask her all over again.  I love my kiddos.

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Jessica Crews said...

love Connor! he's getting so grown up!
also i can't comment on your daily dollop site, but i wanted to say this: i've been doing my breakfast burritos like this for a while. i call it a scramble. but its really yummy and the best part is it stays all together! i think this is the first time where i have seen something on your blog and been like.."i already do that, yay for me. i'm awesome just like Anita" or something like that:O) love ya