Friday, July 15, 2011

Food and Fun

Since I just bragged a bit on Connor, I should probably give my other baby some attention on here.

He's growing up so fast, and I can't decide if I'm glad to be graduating from "baby mode" or sad that this is probably my last baby to go through.  Though I must confess that I'm usually I'm in "glad" mode.  It's hard to believe he'll be 9 months on Sunday.

Maddox has a grip like iron.  When we're feeding him with a spoon, his favorite thing to do is grab said spoon, and not let go.  Picture it.  Baby has the spoon in a very, very tight grip.  Spoon still has a bit of pureed whatever on it that we were feeding him.  Mommy (or Daddy) is struggling trying to pull the spoon away from baby.  All of a sudden the spoon pops free!  And the food?  Goes flying all over me.  Needless to say, eating time is very messy.  This is exactly why I like my kids to be feeding themselves at this age.  Which he often does, followed by a quick rinse off in the tub because it's easier than trying to clean him off with washcloths or wipes.  However, we're still dealing with a lot of food sensitivities for this guy.  He breaks out in eczema all over his neck and chest if I give him anything with wheat in it.  Or apples.  Or several other foods.  I didn't have to think this hard to feed all of my other kids put together!  However, he does get plenty to eat and enjoys a variety of fruits and veggies.

This is what it looks like when you give a baby cherries.

And his motor development?  Well, this is currently his favorite toy:

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain clothes all over the floor.  The girls were supposed to be doing their laundry.

Though he hasn't quite gotten the knack of speed control or turning it when he runs into something.  He does, however, have us all trained well to assist him when he lets out his mad cry.

We're such pushovers.

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