Monday, July 4, 2011

The Stalker

In silent anticipation she crouches slightly, quivering with suppressed energy.

The movement catches my eye, and I quietly open the sliding glass door.  She slips through and pauses a moment to survey the terrain.  Spotting her quarry, she takes slow, graceful steps across the lawn towards the object of her desire.

Pause.  Her target seems to sense the danger and takes a quick glace around the area.  She freezes mid-stride.  Five seconds.  Ten seconds.  Thirty seconds.  There is no danger here.

The prey has relaxed.  It was a false alarm.

Once again confident in her anonymity, she begins the deliberate, stealthy movement which takes her ever closer to her goal.  Within seconds, the critical moment has arrived.


In a heartbeat, it is over.  Her prize has escaped, and mocks her from a distance, chittering in scorn.  The operation may have ended in defeat, but she will never succumb in her heart.  She is a hunter, and she will get her prey.

She is patient.  She will wait.  Her day will come.


Jessica Crews said...

Do dogs eat birds? I had no idea!

Anita said...

She's not going for the birds... it's the squirrels that are plotting against her.

Jessica Crews said...

Ah! Gotcha:)

Gwendolyn said...

Great writing!