Friday, July 15, 2011

My Little Big Man

I don't know if all mothers feel this way (though I suspect they do), but I have absolutely the most adorable little three-year old boy on the entire stinkin' planet!  His personality is just exploding, and I can't contain myself.  I have to share some of it with you.

See this face?  We were driving in the van the other day, and Connor got very concerned about a big truck that was near us on the road.  (In case you're wondering... No, I wasn't taking pictures and driving at the same time.)

So he started yelling, "Watch out for that truck, Mommy! We hit it!"  (And by the way, I swear I was no where near the thing.)

 He followed it up with an "We almost die!"  He wasn't so upset he couldn't give the camera a good cheesy grin, though.  Come on, really?? Backseat driving at THREE?

And then there was the night we got him the tool set with some of his birthday money. 
Ben and I couldn't stop laughing when we realized he was using his pajama pants as a tool belt. Not sure it was the right reaction to the whole thing, though.  Now he keeps sticking tools down his pants and coming to me and saying, "Look, Mommy!"  What have we started??

 Earlier this week I was teaching a CPR class at my house to some friends of ours.  Connor decided at one point that he just couldn't be parted from me (Yes, he's a momma's boy - sue me!) and came in to watch the class.  When the girls started performing the CPR skill on the adult manikins, Connor grabbed one of the babies and did it to.
Maybe this skill will come in handy some day.  I'm just hoping he doesn't decide to practice on Maddox.  

Speaking of his baby brother, he absolutely loves to play with Maddox.  Unfortunately, this "play" often involves wrestling and trying to hit him with his tools.  Needless to say, Connor keeps me on my toes.  He's so independent that he won't even hold my hand willingly when we're walking anywhere, not even in the parking lot.  Yet he's also a little jealous of Maddox.  He has recently been asking to sleep in the pack-n-play (crib) which we put up in our room while his cousins stayed with us.  Then one night last week he was sitting on my lap watching a movie, and he handed me the spatula (scraper) we keep the toy box and said, "Feed me, Mommy."  So I pretended the spatula was a spoon and "fed" him just like a baby for a couple minutes.  What a nut.

And, finally, I'll share one last story with you.  Connor has been resisting a haircut for quite some time because he's afraid the clippers will hurt.  So yesterday I pulled them out, stuck on a guard, and showed him on our hands, arms, and even Maddox that they don't hurt at all.  After psyching him up as much as we could yesterday and today, I prepared to give him a haircut this evening.  It took a whole episode of Diego, but I was able to give him an acceptable hair cut with only a tiny melt-down near the end.  Afterwards, I wanted to take his picture, but he had decided he didn't want a picture.  He wouldn't be still, no matter how hard I tried!  So after getting about 10 pictures like this...

...Daddy pinned him down for me so I could get this:
He's a stinker, but a cute one.  And I love him to bits!

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