Friday, August 10, 2012

2012 Crews Family Reunion

I have a really big family.  And oh, how I love them!  I wish I could see them all more one family at a time, because we are really overwhelming when we all get together.  And loud.  Very loud.

We were missing Bobbi & Savannah (Beth's girls) and their kids, but as it was we still had 25 people there.  

 And although we took a bunch of family pictures, the ones I treasure the most were the ones that showed members of the different families together.  

Jessica (Danny's wife) and Tristian (Dorothy's son)

 Austin (Beth's son) making crazy faces behind Danny

Beth and Dorothy posing together before dinner

Niel and Danny hanging out on the couch with their kids

Gwen and Olivia

Dorothy and Jessica

 This is our "Neapolitan" picture.  You can tell Dorothy and Gwen went to the lake, but Dorothy tans.  That gives us chocolate (Dorothy), vanilla (Jessica) and strawberry (Gwen), right?

Drawing with their cousins

Kelsey terrorized poor Seth the entire visit - she adored him!  For his part, Seth was a good sport about it, and I love him for it.  Not all 15-year old boys would let their niece beat them up.

So... this technically doesn't count as "mixing up" families, but you can see why I love it, I'm sure!

Mom trying to be tall (standing on her tip-toes) while her "boys" are trying to be shorter than her by crouching down.  In real life Mom is about 5'6" and Niel and Danny are 6'1".

Mom with the grandkids

Mom with Beth's two boys

Niel and Tristian

I have the coolest family ever.  I sure do love them!

But next time... can we please just go on a cruise?

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Amy said...

Family getting together is one of the best things ever! Thanks for sharing pics of yours.