Friday, August 17, 2012

Night Terror

Poor Kelsey.  She has had a stream of bad luck lately.  A couple of weeks ago her brother jumped on her and her back started giving her problems.  Then, yesterday, she was jumping at a new trampoline place with her friend and she landed wrong, spraining her ankle.  Last night it was really painful and swollen so I laid her on my bed, propped her foot up on a towel, and put a bag of peas on it.  After 20 minutes she was supposed to go to bed.  I told her she could take the blanket to prop her foot on overnight if she wanted to, knowing that she moves around enough that it wouldn't stay on.

Kelsey has a bad habit of getting up after she's gone to bed and coming out and telling us she is scared of something.  She also dawdles about telling us and tends to have a lot of pauses when she talks. So when she came out last night saying she was scared, I was a little impatient with her and didn't let her finish the sentence.

Kelsey: Mommy, I'm scared. (Insert my here-we-go-again sigh here.) I'm afraid because I move around a lot and...

Me: (Interrupting) Honey, I know you move around a lot at night, and if your foot falls off then it's not a big deal.

Kelsey: (Terrified) You mean it's going to fall OFF?!?!!?!?

Me: I meant "fall off the blanket", honey.

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