Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Sacred Sacrifice

Alpha and Omega
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Ben has always insisted that we NOT claim there is an Easter Bunny.  
He says that Easter is too short as it is, and we need to focus on the Savior since it's all about Him.  
So when Kelsey came out this afternoon telling me what things she had planned to "leave out for the Easter Bunny", I was surprised. 
I reminded her that we don't do the Easter Bunny, and the baskets they have to find in the morning are from me and her dad.

Now, of course I'm not saying every family should do it this way, but this is how we choose to celebrate Easter.  
And I, for one, am grateful for the emphasis we place on the purpose.  
Easter is truly the most important holiday of the Christian faith, for without Easter we would not have Christmas.  
And yet the music, the lights, the excitement... it's not part of our traditional celebrations.

So what do we do to celebrate?
As a family we always watch a video about Jesus' sacrifice for us.  
Because our kids are young, it's always short.  
But it's never a cartoon, and it's usually put out by our church.  
Tonight I'd like to post this short video here for those that want an Easter message.
(And can I just say that Jeffrey R. Holland is one my favorite Apostles?)

So why do I feel so reflective tonight?  
Perhaps it is because more and more I see people about me who think God is irrelevant.  
Some are friends, family, and loved ones.  
And though I do not judge or criticize anyone, it makes me rather sad. 
Belief that God exists does not constitute a belief that He is relevant.
Or that He has an opinion on what is right and wrong, 
Good and bad, 
Wholesome and destructive.

Yet I am not writing this to stir up debate, try to cause guilt, or cast stones.  
My simple purpose is this: 
I want to share with you that I know it. 
I know that Jesus Christ lives.  
He didn't just die, get resurrected and then leave us alone to figure out the next few thousand years.  
He really, really lives.  
And regardless of the choices we make, he does love us.  
All of us. 
He wants us to have joy, both in this life and the next.  
He is my Redeemer. 

And on this Easter Sunday, I am celebrating.

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