Monday, March 11, 2013

The Max & Ruby Dilemma

I must confess.
I was never a Max & Ruby fan.
Just wasn't my speed, I guess.

Connor, however, is addicted.
Our library has exactly two Max and Ruby videos
When he returns one, he gets the other.
When he returns the other, he gets the first one.
It's a vicious cycle.

Vicious, I tell you.

So now that I have listened to Max and Ruby more times than any human being should be subjected to, I have a very important question.

It's been on my mind constantly for weeks, so I just have to share it.

Where are their parents??

Ruby is 7 years old.  Max is what... 3? 4?  Sure, they have a Grandmother that comes to tea parties, but come on, people.  That's not adult supervision.  They never even mention their parents.  Do they exist?  Did they die?  Are they at work?  I just don't know!

And that's not my whole dilemma.  The other half of it is this:

Max is a bad influence for Connor.

Yep, I said it. A bad influence
Last week all he wanted to do was plant cucumbers.
And weed the (non-existent) garden.
This morning he needed the shovel so he could make a worm cake.

What is children's entertainment coming to these days?

1 comment:

*Jess* said...

not to mention that Max has a serious speech delay.

I'd record some from TV so you can at least watch a few different ones!