Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake Eufala

One of the best things about this house we bought last year is our fabulous neighbors: the "S" family.  They have a little girl a year older than Kelsey, and mom Terri and I have gotten to be great friends.  Terri also has parents that live in a large house that overlooks Lake Eufala.  So when she invited us out for the weekend, the answer had to be yes, right?

About a week or so before we left, Ben discovered he had some deadlines on the day we had planned on going, so he volunteered to stay home and take care of Trixie while the kids and I went with the "S" family.  It's only about a 2 1/2 hour drive there, so it wasn't too bad to go by myself with the kids.  So last Friday, off we went for an "overnighter" at the largest lake in Oklahoma!

One of the highlights of the trip was when Terri's dad took us all out on his pontoon boat for a ride on the lake Saturday morning.

The trip to the marina had to start with feeding the fish and turtles who live there, of course!

Then while we were out on the lake, Terri's dad let Connor drive the boat for a while.

The girls got to joy-ride in the front where most of the water splashes onto the passengers.

And here's a picture of Terri and her daughter, Eva...

At some point the girls noticed that Connor had gotten to drive, so they asked for a turn as well.  First Kelsey...

... and then Olivia.

Most of the time that Olivia drove, Eva snagged the seat by the edge of the boat and stuck her face over the edge so the water could splash in her face.  She's a braver girl than I am, that's for sure!

After a while, Connor's was lulled to sleep - so relaxing!

All in all, it was a great weekend.  Thanks so much for the invite, Terri!

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