Sunday, July 18, 2010

The "Whale-mester" Begins

I am officially there.  It's the last trimester of what I expect will be my last pregnancy.  I have affectionately dubbed it the "whale-mester" because that's what every pregnant woman feels like at this point: A Whale.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

There are a few perks to being this pregnant.

First: At this point I actually look more pregnant than fat.  That is definitely a bonus.

Second: I can no longer easily bend over to pick things up off the floor.  This gives me lots of leverage for getting out of picking up toys, books, and other things that collect on the floors in this house.

Third: Tying my shoes is becoming a problem.  This means I should go shopping for new, comfortable shoes that I can wear every day, right?  Flip-flops just can't cut it for me when I have a lot of walking to do.

And finally... I know in my mind that I'm closer to the end than to the beginning.  The baby is doing the tango on a regular basis and other members of my family are finally able to feel the baby kick, move, and hiccup - which is the fun part of being pregnant.

We're... almost... there.

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*Jess* said...

I can't wait! You look beautiful :)