Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sam Noble Museum

We finally made it!  There's a museum about 45 minutes away in Norman, OK called the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History.  It's maintained by OU and the first Monday of every month is free admission.

When you say "free", I'm usually there.  However, we've had things going on for the last few months on those "first Mondays" and have never been able to make it.  Until now...

Ben had Monday off for Independence Day, so we decided to make it our Family Fun Day for the month.  And since it was raining that morning, our thoughts turned to indoor activities and I remembered Sam Noble's free Mondays!  So off we went to Norman.

There was so much to see, starting with the huge statue of the buffalo out front.

It was hard getting many shots of the kids actually looking at the camera, for some reason...

I did get them to pose next to a huge femur bone, however.

The kids were all amazed at the dinosaur fossils.

We even got Daddy to pose!

Is this not the biggest dinosaur skull you've ever seen?

Actually, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is! 

Connor couldn't get enough of everything.

And the girls were almost crushed by a giant mastadon! 
(Think relative of the woolly mammoth.)

Connor tried very hard to find a hand print his size on the walls in the People of Oklahoma exhibit.  Alas, this was our closest fit.

One of our last stops there was the Discovery Room, which features a mammoth tusk, among other things.

It was such a nice visit, and one we'll have to make again!  I didn't even get to see the special History of Chocolate exhibit...  
*sniff sniff*

But we'll be back in August for a field trip with our homeschool group, so I guess I still have something to look forward to.

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Gwendolyn Weiler said...

Looks like the museum inspired Connor to do some excavating of his own ;)