Monday, July 19, 2010


The biggest thing that has been consuming our time and energy this summer has been softball.  Both of the girls are playing through the YMCA.  We started practicing the week of June 14th and have been going in fits and starts ever since.  We've had so many games rescheduled due to rain or a really, really high heat index that the girls are playing about 3 games per week right now - each!  Add Olivia's practice in to that, and we're consumed with softball 4 out of the 7 days of the week.

Kelsey's team is for girls 6 and under and they play T-ball softball.  There's no keeping score or tracking outs - each team lets all their girls bat once and then it's the next team's turn.  However, the girls have gotten really good at throwing the ball to first and getting the runner out so she doesn't run the bases.

The first night of Kelsey's practice was hilarious.  All the girls chased the ball every time someone hit it, and when the coach was showing them the field, it was like watching the Pied Piper in action.

Kelsey's team has had only one other practice since due to rain and heat.  Which is just fine by us at this point.  We have a pretty good time at the games, though! 

At the beginning of the season all of the girls would chase after the ball every time someone hit it.  By now, most of them have learned that you only go after the ball if it's going to come close to you - and not to fight their teammates for it.  Kelsey, however, is NOT one of those that have learned this lesson.  No matter where she's assigned, she runs for that ball...

And as for Olivia's team, they have been practicing faithfully every week.  She's on a 10 and under team, and it's kid-pitch.  That means the games are... thrilling... sort of.  It usually sounds something like this:

Ball.  Ball.  Ball.  Ball - take your base.  Batter up!  Ball.  Ball.  Strike.  Ball.  Ball - take your base.

I don't think Olivia's been struck out yet.  She has run the bases a number of times and even stolen home a lot, though!   If we didn't bring snacks I don't think any of the younger kids would make it through the games.  And if we didn't bring bug repellent than the mosquitoes that come out at 9:00pm when Olivia has a late game would carry off the children and small dogs.  They are vicious!

However, the girls are having a blast and we're staying hydrated.  That's the most we can ask for, right??

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SCNONI said...

Ah, yes. I remember those days. I even have pictures of Ben in uniform. He was soooo cute.