Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our California Adventure (Day 1)

Every adventure starts with a beginning.  And in my case, that means the day I have to finish packing to get ready to go.  My kids don't really get the idea that a trip takes more than packing a suitcase.  It involves laundry before the packing, cleaning before leaving (when I get to it) and the usual daily things I already have to do - like cooking and poopy diapers and homeschool.   I had to pack clothes, food, and bedding for the boys for their stay at Aunt Gwen & Uncle Richard's house.  The girls packed their own (fortunately), but it had to be approved by me.  And then, of course, I had to pack my own things.  So is it any wonder that my boys didn't get out of their jammies till around lunch time?  Fortunately, that didn't slow them down.

It's not a great picture of Connor, but Maddox was being so cute I ended up snapping most of my pictures of him.  But at least I have proof that at least ONE of my boys had pants on outside.  (Notice the gobs of STUFF we have on our back patio...?)

Maddox lost his pants earlier in the day, so he was out in his diaper.  He has recently discovered Connor's old tricycle.  And this "cheese" smile of his is fast becoming my favorite.

Ah!  Look!  Over there! (He's always doing this.  I don't always know what he sees.)

Mom!  Why. Won't. It. Go!

After we finally got everything packed (and a BIG thank you here to my friend, Terri, who took the kids for a few hours to help me get ready) and picked Olivia up from school, it was time to hit the road.  The kids and I were driving to Aunt Gwen's Thursday night.  She'd keep the boys and take us to the airport the next morning.  I knew if we could make it to the half-way mark between here and Gwen's house before stopping for dinner, the Flying J Travel Plaza had some great pizza.  I was right.  We picnicked outside, and stretched our legs.

As usual, Olivia finished first.  She's turned into a speed-eater like her mother.

Kelsey couldn't help but goof off a little once she saw the camera out.

And Connor was really focused on eating that pizza.  Despite being such a little guy, he can pack away a LOT of pizza.

Maddox ate while he walked since I didn't have any way to contain him.

Once we finally got to Aunt Gwen & Uncle Richard's house, it was time to get the kids settled down for bed.  Which is easier said than done in a house that has been invaded with mosquito hawks.  At least where Kelsey is involved.  She doesn't care that they eat mosquitoes and not people.  She doesn't care that they aren't after her.  She DOES care that they are big and gangly and within her eyesight.  So before she could go to sleep, I had to go hunting.  I took down all the ones I could find by whacking them with a dish towel.  I was the hero of the night, if I do say so myself.

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