Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our California Adventure (Day 2)

Most of this day was spent getting to California.  It is blogworthy, though, because this was Olivia's first time on an airplane, and only Kelsey's 2nd.  Olivia has been telling me for years that she has been gypped because everyone in the family has ridden on an airplane except her.  Nevermind that Maddox and Connor were both babies.  Nevermind that Kelsey doesn't remember her first much, either, since she wasn't even 4 years old yet.  Olivia has been the outcast - or so she says.  Well, no more!

Here we are waiting for our first flight.  Olivia is positively glowing with anticipation.

And a self-portrait with all three of us... not my favorite picture of me or Olivia, but I sure love Kelsey's expression and hat.

Olivia and I got a do-over picture, which was much better.  And you can see the giant feather earrings Olivia has, too.  Some things should have just stayed in the 80's.

 While we were on our layover in Dallas, we had a few minutes to wait for our next flight.  Kelsey and Olivia asked for permission to ride the moving sidewalks by our gate.  I told them yes, as long as they followed 2 rules: no running, and no walking backwards.

It didn't take long for Kelsey to break the rules and get pulled off the walkways.  She was not happy about it.

And - finally - we got to Grandma Crews in California!

As happy as the girls were to see their grandmother, they were equally happy to see where she lived.  Her apartment complex has rocks, rivers, sidewalks, and trees.  A veritable wonderland of possibilities for my two imaginative daughters.

They hid out to watch for "invaders" and had a whole routine for how to sneak up on people using bushes and boulders for cover.

They spent hours outside when the weather permitted.

What I would give for an imagination like theirs!

For dinner on Friday, a lady from church had invited my mother and her missionary companion to bring us all over for dinner.  She grew up in upstate NY near the area my mother lived, and had several fruit trees in her backyard - lemon, peach, and orange.  Most of the orange tree was in blossom, but she had found a few oranges and left them for the girls to pick.  Wasn't that nice?

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