Monday, September 10, 2012

Edmond Safety Village

We went on a field trip last Friday with our home school group to the Edmond Safety Village.  It's run by the fire department, and includes a great presentation on safety with a follow-up trip down to this quaint little brick down built on a kids' size scale.  

During the presentation, Maddox and Connor had a hard time sitting still, so I busted out some matchbox cars to occupy them.

Kelsey and Eva had NO problems listening.  (And yes, Kelsey is hamming it up in this photo.  Eva, on the other hand is smiling quite nicely.)

The coolest part of the presentation is when one of the firemen puts on his full gear.  It's important for the kids to know what the firemen are going to look and sound like if they are ever trapped in a burning building.  Often kids are scared, and sometimes even try to hide from the "scary monsters", so this is a great, great lesson for them.

At the end of the presentation portion, Kelsey and Eva posed with the firemen.  Aren't they awesome? 

Finally it was time to go "down town" to the Village.  Aren't these buildings absolutely adorable?  They also had street lights, a train track, and crosswalks.

They even let the kids have a few minutes to play on the playground, and Maddox immediately went for his favorite thing: the slide!

Our group's last stop was the school bus for a lesson on bus safety, and then the kids were allowed to pose for a picture as they pretended to "drive" the bus.

Connor and Eva both posed quite nicely for the pictures.

Kelsey, on the other hand, had to pretend she was wrecking the bus.

Oh, how that girl makes me laugh.

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