Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New

A couple of month ago a large, metal paperclip found it's way into our garbage disposal.  Connor put it in the sink and I inadvertently rinsed it down the drain.  Boo.  It clunked around in there for a few days, and then I forgot about it.  Till our disposal started making funny noises last week.  And then it died on Friday.


Since Ben had to work Saturday (again), the task fell to me to figure out how to switch out that baby.  Before I went to Home Depot, I took a picture of the old one so I'd know what to buy.  (Pay no attention to the mess under the sink.  It's a mirage.)

Once I got to Home Depot and started looking, I decided to upgrade us to the next "horsepower" model.  I mean, really.  We have a large family and I cook a lot.  It was worth the extra $30, hands down.  After watching a 5-minute You Tube video, I was ready to begin installation.  I (eventually) found the switch that turned off the power to the garbage disposal and got to work.  Two extra trips to the hardware store later (I needed a slightly longer PVC pipe to reattach it to the drain), we had it hooked up, leak-proof, and ready to go!  Isn't it beautiful?

I've never messed with electricity before.  It's oddly exhilarating...


Terri said...

And the "mirage" disappeared in your "after" pic, too. :)Great job, Anita!

Olive said...

I'm proud of you; you're quite a "handygirl."