Thursday, September 6, 2012

Klutzy Kelsey

A few weeks ago Kelsey went to the new trampoline fun place with her friend, Jenna.  Unfortunately for her, she landed wrong about halfway through her visit and ended up with a severely sprained ankle.

Here's the good ankle:

And the swollen one:

Need a better look?  Here's the close-up:

Poor thing...

Now that her ankle is all better, she had to go and injure herself again.  She is always trying to be a prankster, and when she heard her father coming in the front door the other night she ran down the hall trying to hide so she could jump out and scare him.  She promptly fell over Trixie, banging her knee and eye in the process.  So now she has a swollen knee...

Incidentally, Trixie is fine.

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