Thursday, November 8, 2012

AOG & Dog Whispering

Here is what our family (and visiting family) is grateful for today:

Ben is thankful for the fact he didn't have to work late today.

Anita is grateful for the bliss that is reflexology and her friend (Terri) that told her about it. Who knew it was possible to get that relaxed?

Olivia is thankful for her dog, Trixie.

Kelsey is grateful that we got her bike out today and pumped up the tires so she could ride it.  (Incidentally, she is NOT grateful that Aunt Gwen ratted her out to her mother.  While she was riding her bike she went in front of a car going down the road and got busted.)

Connor is already in bed, so I'm going to guess his answer based on his behavior today.  He's grateful for grapes.  Lots of grapes.  And adults that don't pay close attention while he's getting INTO the grapes so he can eat loads of them.

Maddox is grateful for Vicks Vapo-Rub to put on his feet and help his nose stop running.  He came down with a cold today.

Gwen is thankful for slumber parties! Every time she comes to visit we generally get in at least ONE good night of fun while she's here.

And now it's time to confess the family secret. We can talk to dogs.  Here's what they had to say:

Trixie is grateful for kids that are messy eaters so she can get snacks at mealtime.

Annabelle is thankful that Gwen is here.

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