Friday, November 9, 2012

AOG: Girl Time!

Tonight we're grateful for Girl Time!
The girls have been begging for a slumber party with Aunt Gwen.
And though I intend to do the "slumber" part in my own bed tonight,
we had the "party" portion after the boys went to bed and Gwen and I got home.

We played a fun game called "Umm".
We had juice-filled fruit snacks.
We put on black lipstick and glow-in-the-dark nail polish.
We took some pictures.

Pictures like this one in which Kelsey is SUPPOSED to be smiling nicely

Kind of like this

Not like this.  This is not a nice smile.

Oh, and I decided I don't do blond.  Back to dark brown for me!

And Olivia doesn't really want to do pictures.  She wanted me to delete this one, but I snuck it through.

This picture was an accident, but it turned out pretty good!

I'm grateful that I am such good friends with my sisters! (And that includes my sisters Dorothy & Beth, and my bonus sisters, Kristi, Julie & Jessica.)

A picture of Kelsey taking pictures...

We took another group picture in which I Kelsey looked totally freaky and I looked like a goof.  Olivia, however, looked stunning, so I cropped her out.

Gwen looked pretty good, too!

Our girl time included ALL the female critters in the house.

Except for Olivia's mice.  They weren't invited.
Oh, and Trixie wasn't allowed in till the food was gone.
She was getting pushy.

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