Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AOG: Random

Today we are grateful for...

Olivia - Paints and art stuff.  And that I'm able to create stuff with them.  Basically, I am thankful for my artistic talent.

 Kelsey - I can't pick anything when Connor's throwing stuff at me!  Okay... I'm grateful that I'm talented at many things.  Like this:

Connor - Surprises!  Like parties.
(Then he wouldn't pose for my picture... this what I was left with.)

Gwen - Snickers bars.  And Annabelle.

Anita - Tomorrow, and the hope that comes with it.
Oh, and I bleached my hair.  It looks a little orangier than it really is in this picture, but that's about the color it was when I first did it.  We'll see how long this lasts...

Ben isn't here to ask, so we're just going say he's grateful for higher education since he's out getting some.
(This just in.  He missed class tonight because he's still at work.  Maybe he's grateful for his lovely wife who is going to bring him dinner?)

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Amy said...

Love the kids' talents - some more gallery worthy than others, but all of value. And I think the lovely wife would be the thing Ben picked.