Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maddox is One!

I almost can't believe that we survived the first year.  It's been a rough one, that's for sure!  That being said, we are so blessed to have Maddox Cole as child #4.  He's a delight to be around, and is full of contradictions.  He can be the most mellow child in the world... until you make him mad.  Then you'd better watch out.  He looks and acts so much like Ben it's uncanny.  Our family wouldn't have been complete without him.  Even though it's been overwhelming at times, I'm glad we are having this adventure!

The best thing about this party is that I didn't plan it.  In fact, all I did was decorate the cake.  I didn't even have to bake it - Olivia did that.  From scratch, no less!  We had decided on a balloon party theme, so Kelsey and Olivia made Maddox a birthday banner with the letters cut out in the shape of balloons.

It says "Happy Birthday Maddox", and I love how Maddox ended up in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture.  He was caught in the act of stealing the remotes off the back of the couch.  Again.  (What is it with babies and remotes??)  They also blew up a bunch of balloons and wrote all over them.  Maddox popped a few before the party, during the party, etc.  I'm not sure how since I couldn't catch him in the act.  Laying on them perhaps?

As for games, the girls took a poll to see what we'd play.  The verdict was Duck, Duck, Goose and Hide & Go Seek.  Maddox enjoyed Duck, Duck, Goose until it got out of hand.  Ben started cheating, and the kids got rowdy... Then it scared him, so we stopped and moved on to Hide & Go Seek.  He hid with me or Ben, of course.  He's not very good at staying quiet in the hiding spots.  We hid in the pantry and he started knocking on the door.  Oh well.

Then, of course, we moved on to the good stuff.  Presents and his first cake experience.  We took pictures which, of course, speak for themselves.

After the festivities we were sitting around watching something on TV, and I happened to glance over and catch Maddox using the toy wheelbarrow in an unexpected way...

Why not?  It looks sturdy enough.

Happy Birthday, little man!  We love you!

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