Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's in a Phone?

You know how you like to snap pictures with your phone, but never really upload them to the computer?  Well, tonight I finally uploaded fifty-one pictures.  Yep.  Fifty-one. So... here are a few tidbits that I found - in no particular order.  And no, I didn't post all fifty-one pictures here.

Remember this?  That's Maddox with his big sisters the day after he was born.

Connor and I were at the doctor's office one day, and just as I was taking this picture he threw his hand up and pointed at me.  I think this is one of my all-time favorites because you can see so much of his personality on his face.

Here is the proof that Kelsey finally made it to the top of the big gorilla statue at the zoo.

This picture is the most recent - I took it just last week.  I had picked the boys up from my friend's house, and had to run a quick errand. They both fell asleep within minutes.  And yes, I think that both of their car seats look tilted...

Kelsey moved in this shot so she's blurry, but this picture was taken one day when we ran into Connor's buddy "G" and his mom at Walmart.  They had some fun relaxing on the reading cushions.

Maddox looking through the front door - another of my favorites!

Connor insisted on my putting his pirate hat on one day and taking this picture.  I have no idea how long ago this one was, but it's been a while!

 Olivia and I found this crazy-looking melon at Homeland, and needed a picture for proof!  It's in our One Lonely Seahorse book.  If you don't know this book, you should check it out - very cool.

At a swim party in August, Kelsey got to know the hostess's pet iguana a little better.

When I took this picture, we were at the grocery story (Crest) and someone was using some loud machinery nearby - like a floor waxer or something like that.  It was the first time Maddox had ever sat in the "front" end of the cart, and Connor looked adorable with his fingers in his ears.  That's his solution to all loud noises he doesn't want to hear.

What do you see there, Maddox?

The girls and I were on the way to a movie one evening and saw this owl perched on the top of the gas station cover.  Can you see it in the corner there?  (Don't worry - I was parked at a stoplight when I took this picture.)

Maddox enjoying the swings at the park for the first time.

He's sure grown a lot compared to the last time we were there!  (Check out those pictures here.)

Hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane!

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Beautiful little slice of life.