Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mystery History Theater 2011

One of the cool things our homeschool group does every year is a "Mystery History Theater".  Each participant selects a character from history, dresses up as that person, then gives a 2-minute monologue (from memory!) about that person's life and accomplishments.  The audience members, armed with a pencils and a multiple-choice "test" sheets then select which person they think the student is portraying.

This was our first year participating.  Or, rather, Olivia's first year.

Can you tell who she is just by looking?  No?  How about a couple of hints?
  • Born July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas
  • As a teenager was very interested in science and was determined to go into a male-dominated career field
  • Set her first world record at the age of 25
  • Broke additional world records in her 30's
  • At 33 married George Palmer Putnam, but had no children
  • Mysteriously disappeared at the age of 39 and was never heard from again
And if you can't get it from those obscure facts (Olivia was determined to fool people), then it might help you to know that the record she broke at the age of 25 was going up 14,000 feet in an airplane.  She was also the first woman to cross the Atlantic in a solo flight, and she disappeared while attempting to fly around the world.  Ironically, she saw her first airplane at the age of 10 at the Iowa State Fair and refused to fly in it because it looked too old and was held together with "rusty wire".

Who is she?  What's YOUR guess?


Raven Blackmane said...

Just the picture alone is Amelia Earhart.

Becky G said...

Ditto what Raven said. Too fun!

Anonymous said...

Amelia Earhart

Benson Family said...

Amelia Earhart! I was her in 3rd grade in a play. I even wanted to get my hair cut like her. : )