Monday, December 19, 2011

Nativity Display

This year the LDS churches in the Oklahoma City area hosted another Nativity Display and Cantata performance called "Glory to the Newborn King".  The Nativity display had over 600 nativities displayed over three days at one of our buildings in Oklahoma City.  We also performed the Cantata three times at the Nativity display Dec. 9-11th and then once at the Edmond building last night.  And yes, I was in the Cantata choir again.  This is my 4th year and I LOVE IT.  I really don't want to give it up, though it really is a lot of hard work and involves giving up my Saturday mornings from mid-September on.  Totally worth it!

Now you know why you haven't heard from me much lately.

However, I did visit the Nativity display with my kiddos and neighbors the first Friday it was open.  I hope you love Nativities because I wanted to share a few of my favorites here... and of course there's a few of our kiddos actually dressed up in the kids' room like Mary, Joseph, and the angels.

They had an international room, and this one was from (I think) Japan.

See those stars?  They are actually lights shining through the fabric!

One of the Lego nativities...

I took this picture for my friend Becky who is a Snoopy lover, but I also love the one in the lower right-hand corner made of marshmallow people.  Amazing!

Our family's nativity on display.  (Best wedding gift ever from the Broome family!)

A table display - just to give you an idea of how many nativities we really saw.  There were tables ALL OVER the church.

This one is carved out a single piece of wood - a slice from a tree.  And near it (though not in this picture) was a nativity made from hand-painted grains of rice.  As in, a single grain of rice painted to be Mary, one painted to be Joseph, the Baby Jesus, and more.  

I just loved this one...

Coconut shell nativity... maybe?  Not sure what else it could be - any guesses anyone?

This picture wasn't taken at the Nativity Display, but it is several of my other small nativities that we donated.  The two in back are ornaments, and the one in front my brother Niel brought us from Peru when he came home from his 2-year mission there.

And just so you can get an idea how small it is... that's a pencil.

And last, but not least - the people pictures!!

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Becky said...

I've never seen a Peanuts nativity before! Though it does seem in character for them... And I have the nativity ornament on the right (the white one). I love it! And I love the pix of the kids' nativity. Conner looks so solemn...