Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clown or Princess?

Kelsey is one of those kids that you never know what they are going to say. Monday night when I was tucking her into bed she told me she was afraid to get old and die. We talked a little about it, and I tried to ease her worries. I asked her what happens to people who die? They go back to live with Heavenly Father, and they are happy. Death is only sad because we miss the ones that are gone. I thought it went well, then yesterday morning she was sitting on the couch with me, looked and me and told me she was still afraid to get old and die.

Then today she was wasn't feeling good, and when I laid her down for a nap she told me she wanted me and Daddy and Olivia to pray around her with our hands on her head to help her feel better. I explained that it had to be Daddy, but he could give her a blessing when he got home. She remembered and asked for it, too. She's at the age that kids get to where they remember EVERYTHING. As opposed to the age where Olivia is where they FORGET everything. Or "don't know" it.

Kelsey purchased a little sticker kit that had a few tattoos in it with her allowance a week or so ago. She wanted to put them on, so feeling as if it would be best to get it over with quickly rather than to drag it out for days, I went ahead and applied ALL her tattoos - as you can see in the picture. And yes, that is a tattoo by her eye - a cute little rose beauty mark. She's such a little princess.

But she's also a clown. I was talking a picture of Connor playing in the diaper bag, and Kelsey had to get in the picture, too. This is her making rabbit ears for Connor out of a couple crayons. What a goof ball. But we love her!!


scchesleys said...

She's such a silly girl! We miss her running to Mike and giving him a big hug.

Amberdawn said...

Cute little Kelsey, the tatoos are lovely.