Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dazed and Confused

My body is so confused! On Monday, it was 86 degrees in Edmond. EIGHTY-SIX! And it wasn't a fluke. One day last week almost to 90 degrees! Tuesday it was supposed to be a high of 71, and it was about 60 degrees at 8:00 a.m. so I let Olivia dress in capris and a t-shirt. Off she went to school without a coat. Kelsey went with a light coat, because it hadn't warmed up all the way by noon. I didn't realize that it had already hit the high for the day, and it was going to 45 stinking degrees by the time school let out at 3:00. Poor Olivia had to play outside for recess and informed me in no uncertain terms that she had been freezing the whole time. This morning (Thursday), I wake up to ice, ice, and a little snow. Observe (and yes, this is our new van!):

School has not been cancelled of course. This isn't South Carolina after all, where they cancel school the night before because there's a 20% chance of snow that never materializes. This is Oklahoma where they won't call off school unless the snow has already been on the ground overnight and the roads are completely impassable. Of course, once they call off school here it seems like it takes forever for them the "call it on" again... But if you would have told me a year ago that I was going to live somewhere that had crazier weather than South Carolina, I would have scoffed.
And, as a bonus picture, here's Kelsey after I did her hair for school on Tuesday. We did this cute new thing with some braids. She was so adorable. And when I went to take her picture she insisted on giving herself bunny ears - three of them to be exact.


Amberdawn said...

I like snow, but this stuff is crazy. If we are going to have snow it should be in the winter and all together, not this a little here, a little there business. And what happened to spring? Summer? What is this season? Madness. I like your van! how come it took you this long to post a picture? Is someone slacking? You are supposed to blog about everything!

Emily said...

Crazy weather! I loved seeing your mini van in this reminded of the days when you would "back me out".:)