Sunday, March 22, 2009


Connor learned a new trick on Friday afternoon. I had changed his diaper and left his pants off, as you can see in the picture. I then put him on the floor to play. A few minutes later I heard a rustling and looked down - Connor had pulled off half his diaper! I'm going to have to watch this one...

Also, this morning the girls were trying to all get under the blanket with Connor. The result was cute, so I took a picture, of course. Poor Kelsey looks like Cousin It... (usually we pull her hair back out of her eyes, I promise!)

So then, this evening it was so nice and breezy outside that we decided to go on a family walk up to Bronco Lake, which is really just this big fountain on campus at UCO. We got up there and the girls wanted to play on this little ampitheater. Ben and I had a seat, and Kelsey decided she wanted to take the stage. I assumed she'd sing us a song or something, but no... she wanted to do tricks...


Well, once Kelsey finished Olivia decided that SHE needed to do some tricks. If you watch nothing else, be sure to watch the last 15 seconds or so of this one. Olivia tried to do the "catapillar" move. She's really... well... I guess you just need to watch it.


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Amberdawn said...

Oh that is GREAT! Olivia can do the star yoga move fabulously and the caterpillar move looks like it could be a full body workout. Perhaps us older people could try it on a padded surface first?