Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday with Noni

Ben's mom (Noni) flew in this past Saturday to come and stay with us for a WHOLE WEEK! We're all very excited. Kelsey especially has gotten in some good snuggle-time...

Since the kids are on spring break and we want to show Noni around, we decided that we'd plan a different outing every day, and include a picnic lunch since the weather is so nice.

Monday we went to the library and downtown Edmond to go "antiquing" and admire the artwork. The girls get really bored with the antique shops really fast, because they aren't allowed to touch anything. This meant Noni only got about an hour to browse instead of the SEVERAL hours she'd normally take. If we can swing it, we'll go back later this week without the kids...

Then we went to a new park that we haven't been to before (Mitch Park) for a picnic and found some beautiful tulips in bloom.

We ended up at a very busy playground and came home around 1:30 or 2:00 just plain tuckered out! Well, the adults were, anyway. The kids were ready for the next adventure.

While we were at home in the afternoon, Noni started talking about Connor's special skills with his arms & abs. He often flails his arms like he's trying to fly (or trying not to sneeze like his aunt Kristi, according to his daddy). Also, when he sits on the floor he likes to lean way back. You can see his heels come up off the floor when he gets too far back. He's got better abs than me, that's for sure. And such a cute giggle... Here's a video we got that demonstrates all of the above.



marlajayne said...

Loved looking at the pictures and reading the post. Those orange flowers are gorgeous, especially juxtaposed next to the other scenery. And the baby...goes without saying that he's adorable.

Amberdawn said...

Those tulips are my favorites. I never liked them before but when I saw those orange ones I just fell in love. Wish I had a flower bed.