Friday, March 20, 2009

Makeovers and Mayhem

We have had the most fabulous week visiting with Noni. The weather has been wonderful, so we have been out exploring and having picnics almost every day.

On Tuesday afternoon we went to the Express Clydesdale Barn in Yukon, OK. I've never been around horses this huge. They were just massive and some of the most beautiful creatures... This one is 18.3 hands tall!

Wednesday morning started with laughs as Olivia entertained Connor with her antics. I guess this is why we have older siblings - parents don't have the energy to keep this kind of thing up!

Then on Wednesday afternoon we went to Stevenson Park (the one with the rocket-slide) and to the Children's Center at the Historical Society's museum next door. This is a "hands-on" exhibit that allows the kids to dress up and experience the "old west".

Kelsey was looking really fancy and too cute in her vest, kerchief, and boots (on the wrong feet).

We had a little tougher time convincing Olivia to put on the outfit, but once she was in she played the part of the sherriff in full!

Sherriff Olivia bought groceries while Kelsey played the part of the shopkeeper.

And she even put Kelsey in jail.

Connor even got in on the action and played in the teepee for a while.

On Thursday, Ben took a half-day off of work and we took Noni to Bricktown to see a pretty canal and a Bass Pro Shop. It's a nice walk, but unless you're looking for a good restaurant or bar, or an overpriced boatride, Bricktown is pretty much a whole bunch of nothing. The girls had fun posing with the bear in the Bass Pro Shop, though.

Afterwards we went together to see Race to Witch Mountain (fabulous movie!!) and took Noni to a great local restaurant called Italianos some friends here introduced us to a couple months back. The girls were pretty well-behaved, but it didn't stop Kelsey from knocking her full cup of Sprite off the table about 3/4 of the way through dinner. We worked our waitress hard, I think. But don't worry, we tipped her well for the extra trouble!

By the end of the day, we were full and tired. And I was a bit sore. Connor started this really painful habit yesterday of pinching my arms when he's nursing. He hadn't done it before Wednesday night, and on Thursday I noticed he was bruising up my arms. I tried to flick his fingers when he'd do it to get him to stop, but he seemed to think it was a fun new game and started laughing each time. Today he hasn't done it at all, but I am wearing longer sleeves...

Which brings us to today, Friday. It's Noni's last day here, so we're taking it a little easier so we don't wear her out before her big day traveling tomorrow. So this afternoon we packed a picnic and went to the duckpond at Hafer park. We tried to eat lunch in the pavillion on the pond, but there was a brisk breeze off the pond, and it was just too cold in the shade so we quickly retreated to a bench in the sun.

Then when we came home, it was time for makeovers. Noni and I painted toe nails and fingernails (ours included!) and then came the makeup! Kelsey did Noni's make-up, and Noni did Kelsey's. (Note: we didn't let the girls use dark colors on us...we have company coming tonight!)

And Olivia and I paired up as well. Olivia wanted to have my bright red Patsy Cline lipstick on, so I acquiesced. She's looking so grown up these days...

Tonight Noni is cooking us dinner - gotta love those southern women!


Amberdawn said...

I noticed the lipstick through the fence! That is some bold stuff. Kelsey was showing Braxton her nails, he was impressed.

That video is so funny. I love his squeeling and it's so funny when he falls over!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.I know Noni enjoyed herself immensely, and she shared her happiness in this morning's "good news minute."