Friday, March 27, 2009

No Excuses

I just read a comment that Jayne had left on my last post about how cool/strange it was to read scriptures on her blackberry while in the car wash. And it reminded me of a thought I had a couple of days ago when I signed up with the scripture reading website. I realized that there really are no excuses anymore for not reading the scrptures. And it was sobering to me. I mean, really. What are my excuses for not getting my scripture reading in?

I forget - It's like my current RS president (Amy) said: "I can remember to brush my teeth every day, why can't I remember to read my scriptures?"

I can't seem to find the time - I'm kidding myself with this one. How much time do I spend during the day watching the weather channel? Or blogging? Or on facebook? Or looking at real estate listings? Or doing puzzles? Reading other things?

I can't seem to focus - I have found that when I try to read during the day when the kids are awake and active I can't focus on what I'm reading. I always have half my brain attuned to the kids and what's going on around me. I need silence, people!

I fall asleep when I read - Don't laugh, but this is really one of my excuses. I really do fall asleep. When I get up early in the morning to read, I doze off. When I read just before bed, I doze off. It's not that I find them boring, it's just that I don't wake up before a shower in the morning, and after a shower I've gotten into my day and it's not quiet anymore. And at night, I just get so relaxed...zzz...

I like my excuses! They have worked for me for YEARS. But now I have realized that I am out of excuses. I have a daily email reminder, so I can't forget. The past few days I've been reading my scriptures online along with the audio, and just really been enjoying myself. The audio helps me focus on what's on the page, and as for needing silence... I even read them a few minutes ago with my headphones on while Ben was watching a movie on the TV which is 3 feet from my head. And if you had to sit in this chair to be on computer, you'd see just how impossible it is to fall asleep in it. With the technology we have available, we are all out of excuses. Sobering, isn't it?

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