Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Fun Day

Last Saturday we decided to take a family trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Although the kids and I have been a couple of times, Ben never has. It's so large, I've never been to the entire thing, but we decided that we're going to do, come what may. Well, I decided and I dragged the rest of the family with me...
Connor crashed in the stroller as soon as we got there.
For some reasons, our daughters think they need to climb every stinkin' rock they see - big and small!

This same rule applies for all the bronz statues...

The real thing was bigger and better than the statues, but the girls weren't allowed to ride those.

There were birds, birds everywhere! Their chittering and twittering and song were so loud the whole day. It was beautiful.

There are several rhinos... (note Olivia's sly look in this picture!)

We also got some great footage of the lion "cubs". They weren't actually watching US in this video, by the way - their food/meat cart was going by.

And bison are big, by the way.

Eventually Connor woke up to join the fun. He was making a rather detached face, and when I tried to capture it on camera, he turned and gave me this cheesy grin he's been doing lately. He squints his eyes up really tight - so cute!

As we passed the eagles, the girls had to see how they compared. Kelsey has a good way yet to go.

Olivia, not so much...

The elk gave us a dirty look. It must have known we were taking the picture to make Mike jealous.

The daffodils were out in great numbers, and the the wind...!

And in the end, I wore them plumb out.

Even Connor.

He perked up on the way home though. Here he's wearing the cool sunglasses Olivia got at the zoo store. What a cool dude!!


Amberdawn said...

I love all the pictures, it was a perfect day to go to the zoo! Buddy climbed that same rock. Once we saw a big ol snake slithering around there. Did you do the whole zoo in one day?

Connie said...

Glad you had a fun time. The children are growing so much!