Monday, August 17, 2009

Goodbye, Summer!

As I said before, our library has a great summer reading program! Not only did we get free Red Hawks tickets, but each girl also got a ticket to get in to either Frontier City (amusement park) or White Water Bay (water park). The girls voted to go to the water park and Ben agreed to stay home with Connor so the girls and I could have a "girls day". Since I was going to ride everything with the girls, I took a before and after picture for the day:


After (with Olivia looking at the camera)After (with Kelsey looking at the camera)
Since there was a lot of other stuff that happened in our day, I went online and found some other pictures of the park. So in case you're wondering, I don't know ANY of the people in these pictures.

There are two rides shown here. The Acapulco Cliff Dive (the white and green slides) and the Bermuda Triangle (the blue slide). You can't see how high these are from this picture, but trust me - they were high. Kelsey wasn't tall enough for the green or white slides, but Olivia went down the white one! And we all went down the blue one over and over again. My legs were so sore yesterday from having to walk up those stairs over and over and over again...
This is the bottom of Cannonball Falls. I didn't know there was an 8-foot drop into the water. And I didn't know the water was 6 feet deep. And I didn't know that Kelsey would be so totally freaked out by the drop that she'd temporarily forget how to swim. Fortunately I was waiting for her by the edge of the pool on the bottom and was able to get her out. Otherwise, the lifeguard would have had to get wet.
But by far the most... um... embarrassing thing that happened was when I succumbed to peer pressure. You see there was this thing called "The Gangplank" or something like that which was basically an artificial cliff about a story high that you jumped off of into 11 feet of water. Olivia loved it. Kelsey (with a life jacket on) also loved it. They wanted me to do it. So up we went. I waited in line with the girls. They jumped off. I went to the edge... and looked over... and said, "I can't do it!" Of course the girls were calling me to go ahead and do it, that it wasn't that hard... and the little kids behind me in line were just giving me these looks... and the teeny-bopper lifeguard said, "Just don't think about it and jump!" So after an eternity (about 30 seconds) of trying not to freak out I went ahead and jumped. I hate those things. Give me slides, roller coasters, spin and barf rides, etc. But don't give me a free fall. I HATE them! And of course, it was the one thing that left me with an injury. Not from the jump, but from trying to get up the ladder AFTER the jump.


Alyssa said...

yeouch! Go figure that you'd get hurt climbing up the ladder instead of the freefall drop. That would be just my luck too. I got talked into going to a rope swing/drop into the water at Saluda River this next week....hopefully I'll survive it. haha

*Jess* said...

I'm with you! I hate free falls! You are a brave brave woman!