Friday, August 14, 2009


This morning we had a home inspection for the house we're buying here in Edmond, so I took the opportunity to go and take some pictures and measurements, and make plans for our new house. The other family still has their stuff all over, so I won't post a lot of pictures, but here's a couple cool things I wanted to share:

Here is the small garden in the backyard. It looks like they stopped weeding it about a month or two ago, but there are two (that's right - two!) large watermelons growing in it. I think they'll survive a couple more weeks until I can get in there and clean it up a little. Assuming the rabbit I disturbed doesn't come back and eat all the good stuff.

This is the other side of the backyard. Nice shade tree, smaller shed to store things that won't be in the workshop - bikes, lawnmower, etc.
There's a lot in this house that needs to be updated, but one thing that has already been taken care of is the nice wood laminate floor in the kitchen. There's an old gas stove that is still running great, and an old dishwasher that the home inspector noted is leaking. The owners have a home warranty (just renewed in June) that will hopefully replace it for us so we may have a new dishwasher in the kitchen as well.

Our plans for the house include replacing most of the carpet in the house with a good wood laminate floor and re-carpeting the bedrooms and family room. We also want to update the kitchens and bath. I'm going to have so much fun!!


Barbara said...

Looks like we could be doing this at the same time too! We are putting in an offer on the house tomorrow. It also is in need of some updates, but is livable as is. We have already mapped out update priorities. If it goes through, we will close by 9/30!
We will have to exchange ideas!

scchesleys said...

That shade tree is screaming for a hammock. Looks very inviting for a lazy summer evening, just sitting around.