Sunday, August 30, 2009


When Connor was born, his Auntie Beth game him this huge, squishy stuffed dog. It has sat as a decoration in his bedroom window seat since we moved. The other day, Olivia and Kelsey got it down for him to play with. Something tells me Poochie will never again be a decoration. He's crammed into his crib with him every night!

See the love here? He's giving kisses!

Just ignore me telling Olivia to do her spelling homework at the end of this video and focus on the baby!

(And my FB friends, you'll have to link to the original post to see the video!)


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Barbara said...

That is really really cute, but you do know we are out here waiting on house pictures!

Just kidding. I know you must be super busy and will post them as soon as is resonable :)