Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saying Goodbye to UCO

One of the things we have loved about living in this townhouse is the location. We are right behind the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) in lovely downtown Edmond. They a beautiful campus, and we have enjoyed walking, running, biking, and "scootering" all over it. We have fed the geese and goslings, watched the ultimate Frisbee games, and listened to band practice. We've seen marching band competitions (including a recent drum and bugle corps competition!), football and soccer practice, and even National Guard drills at the stadium up the street. And whether we wanted to or not, we got to listen to every single football game of the season. We are excited to move to our new home and neighborhood, but we will miss living so close to UCO.

This past Sunday night we took a family walk up to Bronco Lake to "say goodbye" to UCO. We won't visit nearly as much any more. It was a gorgeous evening, the weather was starting to turn a little crisp (Autumn, here we come!), and we enjoyed almost every minute. The girls took their scooters and off we went.

The girls had to climb their favorite tree by Bronco Lake. (What is Kelsey DOING!?)
Olivia had to pose looking through the branches (trying to be artistic)...
...and Kelsey had to pose laying on one of the branches (trying to be dramatic). Welcome to my life!
And I just had to get a picture of our sunset view of the "lake".
Connor is just so stinkin' cute! (And he got that bruise on his face on Daddy's watch - don't blame me!)
Notice Connor chewing on his finger in this picture? This is how we know he's cutting another tooth. I don't know why they bothered inventing teething rings - fingers work great.
And the obligatory "bunny ears" picture.

On the way back from Bronco Lake, we realized we had forgotten to check on the crab apple tree. It has been several months since we saw it last. The girls were amazed at how big the fruit had gotten and we had to eat some. Connor had a sample, too - and loved them of course.
Olivia got her hair tangled up in one of the branches. I was laughing so hard I had to take a picture, much to her annoyance!

Goodbye UCO! We will miss you!

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